5 ways to get amazing skin…

Lotions, potions and skin creams don’t mean a thing if you’re not caring for your body from the inside out and your skin will show it! What you put into your body (or don’t, for that matter), can have a massive impact on what your skin looks and feels like. But don’t worry, it is never too late to take a step in the right direction, starting today. Taking care of your skin from the inside out is pretty easy to do and this blog will show you how!

1. Eat more salmon

Salmon is a great source of omega-3, just like walnuts and flaxseed. Not just that, salmon is also jam-packed full of iron and protein. And the good news is, it tastes yummy too! Salmon tastes heavenly baked or grilled with your favourite herbs, spices and marinade. Serve it with a baked potato, steamed veggies or your other favourite side dishes.

2. H 2 the Ohhhhh

Well this isn’t going to come as a shock, and no doubt you’ve heard it all before, but… it never hurts to hear it again. It’s vital to drink plenty of water each and every day. The advice is to drink 8 glasses per day minimum although now experts say to drink when you’re thirsty and every so often between meals.

3. Cheers to chia seeds

Much research exists regarding chia seeds and their effectiveness, so much so that they are being touted as a new superfood. They’re easy to find at most supermarkets and relatively inexpensive. The reason they work so well for your skin is because they soak up a huge amount of liquid, making them great for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. Soak them in water and mix them into your drink or soak them in milk and eat them like yoghurt.

4. Orange foods make your skin glow

Beta-carotene, contained in orange coloured veggies and fruit gives your skin that amazing glow we all want. You can get it by eating oranges, sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. Add a couple of servings of orange foods each week and you really increase the amount of beta-carotene in your body. Yay to that gorgeous glow!

5. How do you like your eggs in the morning, noon and night!?

Eggs are more than just a breakfast food. They make a great meal, morning, noon and night. The reason eggs are such a great choice for your skin is that they contain sulphur, which helps your body build collagen. Collagen is so important for keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Have an omelette for breakfast, an egg salad sandwich for lunch or a veggie frittata for dinner. Yum!

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