What Is Intense Pulsed Light?

SkinBase IPL is a light-based therapy used for hair reduction and Advanced skin treatments to improve the appearance of thread veins, acne and sun damaged skin.

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IPL is a cosmetic skin treatment used to reduce signs of ageing, remove unwanted hair from your body, reduce the appearance of scars, lighten darker patches of skin and improve the appearance of acne and spider veins.

The treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to provide a range of treatments. IPL is different to laser based therapies that only produce a single wavelength of light and can therefore only treat a specific condition. 

What Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL wavelengths reach the second layer of your skin, the dermis, without harming the top layer – the epidermis. Using a handheld device, your therapist is able to target multiple wavelengths of light into your skin. When it’s used as a hair removal treatment, IPL uses light to heat your hair follicles in the desired area and prevents the hair from regrowing. Gentle pulses of light are absorbed by the hair root to destroy the follicle. The hair then falls out and you will experience hair reduction in that area.

Shaving can be time consuming and does not last long. On the other hand, with six sessions of IPL 70% of hair growth can be prevented permanently.

SkinBase IPL

Our therapists are trained to provide the safest possible treatment by completing an in depth consultation and patch tests prior to treatment.

All treatments have potential side effects. By insisting on the highest standards of training and experience our IPL therapists ensure your treatments go without a hitch.

The SkinBase IPL device uses a unique cooling cryo-handset. The cryo-handset creates an anaesthetic effect on the skin surface to provide the most comfortable treatment experience.

One of the main contra-indications to treatment is an “active” sun tan on the area to be treated. Therefore sun exposure to the treatment area should be avoided one month pre and post treatment.

Your therapist will cover all aspects of your treatment as part of the consultation.


How Does Intense Pulsed Light Work?

The SkinBase IPL uses cut off filters to provide a range of wavelengths. These cut off filters selectively filter out the unwanted wavelengths of light. The remaining light is then used to treat a specific structure.

What Can Intense Pulsed Light Treat?

The SkinBase IPL can be used to treat a wide range of conditions successfully. Our therapists have had fantastic results from permanent hair reduction to acne.

What Are The Benefits of Intense Pulsed Light?

IPL is a light based therapy that works by targeting structures within the skin such as melanin, blood, and water in collagen with wavelengths of light to breakdown the structure and improve the appearance of the skin.

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Beauty by Joanne Smedley

Client Testimonial: “I’d tried all sorts of treatments to get rid of my wrinkles and sagging skin particularly on my left cheek. Nothing has ever worked. Microneedling and caci being just 2 of those. When Jo told me of the collagen lift it was a last stop before a face lift. I am amazed at the results, I don’t focus on my wrinkles when I look in the mirror anymore as they aren’t noticeable! Jo has worked wonders on my skin and I will continue to have the treatment as it not only works but it isn’t painful like the others and it’s actually relaxing.”