IPL Thread Vein Removal

Suffering with vascular problems? Intense Pulsed Light thread vein removal can provide a long term solution to your skin concerns.

SkinBase Intense Pulsed Light is an excellent long term solution for vascular skin problems, such as thread veins, with minimal downtime and results in just a few quick and easy treatments. Read on to find out more about IPL thread vein removal.

IPL Thread Vein Removal

During an IPL thread vein removal treatment, light is applied in a series of pulses over the treatment area. The filtered light is readily absorbed by blood vessels. The rapid absorption of light transforms the energy into heat energy, heating up the vessels. The heat then closes off the vessel. Following an IPL thread vein removal treatment, the thread veins clear as they are reabsorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original lesion.

Thread Veins

Thread veins are often seen on the face, especially the cheeks and nose, and the legs. IPL can be done on the face and the body to treat all of your skin concerns. They can be caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation, and some individuals are genetically predisposed to broken capillaries. Facial telangiectasias usually respond well to IPL treatment.

IPL Benefits

  • Get rid of unsightly thread veins
  • Only requires 1-3 treatments
  • See results quickly
  • Safe and pain free
  • Treats Campbell de Morgan spots, thread veins, broken capillaries and rosacea.
  • No down time – straight back to work
  • Fast, effective treatment

How many treatments will I need?

Typically 1-3 treatments are required at 2-3 week intervals.

Intense Pulsed Light

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