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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is skin cancer awareness month. This is an ideal time to raise awareness about the damage sun exposure can do.

May is skin cancer awareness month. This is an ideal time to raise awareness about the damage sun exposure can do. Caused by chronic exposure to sunlight, skin cancer can affect anyone. UV exposure from the sun is one of the main causes of skin cancer – and it is also one of the most preventable. Having 5 or more sunburns doubles your chances of getting skin cancer.

The first Monday in May is known as Melanoma Monday. Melanoma is the most serious skin cancer – but is highly treatable. Melanoma Monday encourages everyone to self-examine their skin. Remember with early detection, all skin cancer is highly treatable.

Be sun smart this Skin Cancer Awareness Month – and cover up.

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How to Practice Safe Sun:

Practicing safe sun year round means you will:

  • Reduce signs of early ageing and wrinkles
  • Prevent sunburn
  • Avoid melasma and hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce your risk of developing skin cancer

Seek shade 

Especially at the height of the midday sun. If your shadow appears to be shorter than you are in real life, actively find shade. This is most important between 10am and 4pm. 

Wear Protective Clothing

Think wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses with UV protection, and loose floaty clothing. Some clothing has UV protection for those extra hot climates. 

Wear a Broad-spectrum Sunscreen

Always apply sun cream before you go outside. Even on cloudy days, UV filters through clouds and can cause more damage. Always use at least SPF 30, like the SkinBase Daily Protect SPF. Remember to reapply every couple of hours and always after swimming. 

Examine your Skin 

Examine your skin, and loved ones’ skin regularly. Take note of any changes. Look out for any new moles or spots, especially if they appear after the age of 21. Notice any moles or spots that change in shape, colour or size. Look for anything unusual that itches, bleeds or forms a crust.

Avoid Tanning Beds 

If a tan makes you feel better, opt for fake tan instead. You will get the same glow without the damage.