How to Look After Your Nails 

Are you the type who constantly paints their nails? Or are you more of a biter and picker? Both can be damaging to the long-term health of your nails, so it’s important to give them a little TLC from time to time. Here are our tips to look after your nails.

Are you the type who constantly paints their nails? Or are you more of a biter and picker? It’s important to give your nails a little TLC from time to time. First, let’s explore the signs of healthy nails vs. unhealthy nails. 

Signs of Healthy Nails

  • Nail beds are a pinkish-white colour
  • Cuticles are clear and visible
  • Nails are of an even length
  • They don’t break easily
  • You can see a prominent half-moon shaped white section (called the lunula) at nail base

Signs of Unhealthy Nails

  • Peeling or splitting nails can indicate dryness or a vitamin deficiency
  • Horizontal grooves could indicate stress
  • Discolouration
  • Nail lifting from the nail bed
  • Red, swollen skin around nails could be from removing or biting cuticles
  • Clubbing, spooning or white spots

Your beauty therapist will have a good idea of what might be causing some of the most common nail concerns, however, it’s important to seek the advice of your GP.  Your nails can signal more serious health issues.

How to Keep Strong and Healthy Nails

    • Be gentle on your nails – avoid over scrubbing or filing. 
    • Clip your nails regularly to maintain a healthy length. 
    • Prioritise the health of your nail over the length.
    • Always keep a nail file on hand for those jaggy ends.
    • For the healthiest nails, leave your cuticles alone (or leave it to an expert!).
    • Protect your nails from stains with a base coat.
    • Use a top coat to prevent nail chips.
    • Use moisturising nail varnish remover. 
    • Avoid biting or picking your nails. 
    • Moisturise your hands and nails regularly.
    • Wear gloves when doing dishes.
    • Use a cuticle oil

For healthy nails, follow these tips!