Collagen for Acne: What is Collagen Lift?

Collagen for acne works better when stimulated naturally from within, which is how the Collagen Lift treatment works.

Collagen Lift is a non-surgical treatment perfect for rejuvenating skin. You can wave goodbye to concerns from wrinkles to acne across the face and body. As we age, we produces less and less collagen each year. Though topical collagen serums can be applied to combat this, the proteins are too large to penetrate the skin and work at a deeper level. Therefore, they cannot restore collagen levels internally, or contribute to skin renewal. Collagen for acne must be stimulated naturally from within, which is what the Collagen Lift treatment does.


Is Collagen good for Acne? 

Collagen is a protein keeps the skin plump and firm, which is great for maintaining a young, fresh appearance. Importantly, collagen is key in keeping acne prone skin healthy. Treatments that use heat, such as the SkinBase Collagen Lift, work to shrink the inflamed sebaceous glands. Therefore, minimising the risk of acne breakouts. Amino acids found in collagen also contribute to healthy skin in other ways. Acids such as proline and glycine are great at reducing inflammation, which is a major cause of breakouts. Reducing inflammation can prevent new spots occurring on your skin, to keep future skin healthy too. By building up collagen levels in the body, the skin retains its moisture for longer, helping to hydrate your skin and get rid of impurities from within. 


How Collagen Lift Works

As a radio frequency acne treatment, SkinBase Collagen Lift uses waves of energy to realign fibres within the skin. Your SkinBase Therapist will use a ceramic wand to deliver the radio frequency waves into the skin. This process heats the deeper levels of the skin, stimulating several natural healing responses. The healing responses trigger the production of collagen and elastin at the area of the treatment, from within, to give the skin a boost.